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Ecigarette vaping devices are being used as a vehicle to vape dangerous drugs

Christian, Karen Corcoran-Walsh and Dr. Nandi about teens and E-cigarettes

Karen Corcoran-Walsh, owner and founder of Inspirations for Youth and Families – a premier teen drug and alcohol addiction treatment center – returned to the Ask Dr. Nandi national day-time television show. She was previously a guest on the up and coming life style show about one year ago. Karen brought along Christian, one of her teen’ clients that recovered from a severe drug vaping addiction while at Inspirations. The television segment was about e-cigarettes and what dangerous drugs teens are smoking inside them.

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According to the Ask Dr. Nandi Show e-cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes have triggered a fierce debate on how safe they actually are after they stormed the scene 2006 as the alternative to regular cigarettes. They really didn’t become popular in the U.S. until 2007.

E-cigarettes are battery operated smoking devices that turn chemicals including highly addictive nicotine into an aerosol commonly called vapor that is inhaled by the user. This is often referred to as vaping.

The e-cigarette industry is already a billion dollar booming business and data published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicate that e-cigarette use has tripled among middle and high school students in just one year. E-cigarettes haven’t been fully researched too so we don’t really know what are their long-term effects at this point in the juncture.

Another concern is that some teens are filling the refillable cartridges on these wide assortment of vaping devices with other illicit substances. It is becoming a new and potentially dangerous way to use hash-oil, dried cannibis leaves or wax infused with THC. Now THC is the main active chemical in marijuana that makes you high.

Christian started drugs as a freshman in high school when a friend would buy medical marijuana at a dispensary and sell it to him. It started out as fun, but the more he did it the more he became dependent on it. By the time he became a junior he was vaping the highest concentration of THC all day every single day.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Dr. Nandi: So you were vaping THC everyday.

Christian: Yes.

Dr. Nandi: How did you get away with it?

Christian: Well first off when I vaped THC, I vaped a wax-like substance. It is kind of like hash-oil and the main thing is it smells completely different from weed so you can get away with it during school. You can do it in class. You can put it underneath your shirt or go in the bathroom. It is just an easier means of getting high.

Dr. Nandi: I heard that kids in school would take their e-cigarettes and they would put them in their sleeves and take them out and smoke them when teachers turned their heads. And teachers have 25 to 30 students so it is hard for them to detect.

The one thing I see from Christian is he looks like a young Leonardo Dicaprio. This kid would be the last kid I would expect to be vaping. This is the thing. Just because you think your kid is the best appearances can be deceiving. How did you get caught vaping?

Christian: During my sophomore year I was smoking pot at a track meet and I actually got caught and suspended and kicked off the track team. It was pretty bad.

Dr. Nandi: Was it important to you being on the track team?

Christian: It was something new for me, but I am more musically inclined.

Dr. Nandi: You also got expelled?

Christian: I got expelled a second time, because two suspensions is an expulsion in my school.

Dr. Nandi: Why would you be doing these drugs? You have everything going for you and a great future ahead of you. Why would you do this?

Christian: You know I am just like a normal teenager trying to escape from my own skin. I started off just having fun and it progressed into a habit and eventually I needed it. It was something I had to have to be normal. I self-medicated. I used it for my depression and my anxiety. 

You know I am just like a normal teenager trying to escape from my own skin. I started off just having fun and it progressed into a habit and eventually I needed it.

Christian about why he vaped

Dr. Nandi: Karen how are you treating Christian with this problem?

Karen: Well for Christian of course we did individual, group and family therapy, but he is 17-years-old so we had to look at him in an entirely different manner. Working with adolescents is a little different than working with adults. So for Christian we brought back the things that were interesting to him like playing music. Christina thrived in our state-of-the-art music therapy program.

He plays four instruments and on top of that composes his own music. He sings. He is artistic. So we incorporated in his treatment plan the things that Christian likes to do. He also returned to education because his expulsion was a serious issue and his education is serious to him. Fortunately, for Christian we have an elaborate educational academy, where he was able to not only catch up but get ahead on his studies.

Dr. Nandi: Tell me about this vaping problem. How big of a problem is this in America would you say?

Karen: Vaping is a growing problem because it has become so commercialized. It is accessorized. It is trendy and it is not only vaping for cigarette smoking. It has transitioned into using it for drugs. So that has taken it to another level.

Dr. Nandi: You can put anything in that little compartment and then heat it up and smoke it. I don’t want parents to discount the fact that their kids can be doing it and a massive number of kids are already doing it. How are you doing Christian?

Christian: I am doing a lot better. I am happier. I have grown to love the things that used to occupy me and make me happy like Karen said, music is one of the biggest passions in my life. I am enjoying music again and know that I need to do this the rest of my life.

Dr. Nandi: Do you feel your future is bright?

Christian: Oh yes. I have a lot of goals in life. I plan on going to college and majoring in business and minoring in music and eventually coming out with my own label company and recording music.

E-cigarettes and what dangerous drugs teens are putting in them
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