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“Saving dreams, restoring lives” is not just a catchy tagline used at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). It is the genuine result of the hard working staff and willing clients who have overcome their addiction. Michael O. was in IYF’s drug rehab recovery program and can attest to the unbelievable change in his life.

Upon arrival, Michael was a very withdrawn teen with little interest in treating his addiction. He depicts his first few weeks as the after effects of being addicted to psychedelic drugs.

“I went through a period where I was out of it when I first came here and I wouldn’t say it was a withdrawal it was just my brain was so used to being somewhere else that it wasn’t used to reality. Reality felt weird but, now I see with so much clarity.”

After going through this “phase” his attitude picked up rather quickly and his very sociable side began to show which he says was due to the experience of being at Inspirations.

“I learned that certain people judge other people by the way they look, how they talk, and dress and this [living with other people] opens your eyes to see past people and their problems and instead into their hearts. Now I’m friends with everyone here.”

Michael went from being a teen living without a care in the world to a teen looking forward to attending school, graduating and enrolling in college to become a veterinarian. He has even raised his 1.9 GPA to a 2.9 GPA thanks to the teen educational academy and support offered at Inspirations teen drug rehab.

Inspirations for Youth and Families pride itself on providing individualized care and treatment for those in teen recovery. We strive to help treat addiction but, also any other mental or behavioral issues with our dual diagnosis program. Clients who come to Inspirations often leave filled with a new outlook on their life, renewed purpose and most important of all the skills to properly manage or express themselves healthily.

Listen to more of Michael’s teen recovery testimonial via our podcast.

Drug rehab helps teen gain clarity after psychedelic drug haze
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