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Inspirations for Youth and Families Drug Rehab Facility goes to Lion Country Safari

Drug Rehab facility goes to Lion Country Safari


Inspirations for Youth and Families Drug Rehab Facility took its teen girls on a road trip to Lion Country Safari, Florida’s only Drive Through Safari Adventure! The teen girls in recovery were in awe of the amusement destinations’ 900 animals, which included lions, giraffes, monkeys, rhinoceros, zebras, ostriches and many more animal species.

To see the wild animals watch the YouTube video

The drug rehab facility is known for taking its teens out on a wide range of outings including paintball, rope climbing, major league baseball and NHL hockey games and of course the beach. Inspiration for Youth is a strong advocate for getting the teens out in the real world while they are receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse as well as mental health behavioral issues.

Recreation Therapy uses recreation services to help people in recovery to develop and use leisure in ways that enhance their health, functional abilities, independence, and quality of life. Recreation is viewed by addiction specialists as a viable alternative to substance abuse.

The teen girls were mesmerized by how close they could actually see the wild animals at Lion Country Safari. There were times where it became a little scary for the Inspirations’ teens as an over zealous ostrich was heading straight for the van only to veer right at the last moment. Watch this scene on the Inspirations goes to Lion Country Safari Youtube video. The teens quickly learned that they can have fun in other ways like animal sightseeing rather than using and abusing drugs or alcohol.

Many drug rehabs do not take their teens outside of the facility in an effort to save money. When the time comes for them to be discharged, the teens are often ill prepared for this major life altering transition.

Besides the excitement of the drive through Lion Country Safari, the teens enjoyed the simple aspects of the trip like road tripping in a van with a group that shares the same experiences and issues. It was exciting to see how they bonded on the outing and treated each other as well as the behavioral technicians with the utmost respect and admiration.

The teen girls behaved like any other kids their age. They loved driving in the open road and listening to their favorite songs on the radio as they joked with each other and forgot about why they were even at Inspirations.

When it was time for lunch, the generosity between the teens was evident from the start. The girls were sharing their food at lunch time unlike many of their peers who do not display the same manners.

The trip to Lion Country Safari will be one that will cast a happy memory for the teens that embarked on the adventure.


Drug Rehab Facility visits Lion Country Safari
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