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Drug and street term: Vega

To better inform everyone, we had a round table discussion with teens from Inspirations for Youth and Families about drug and street terms everyone may want to know. The definition below is based on collective information gathered from teens within our rehab and online research.


Vega (n.) – a cigar or cigarillos wrapping refilled with marijuana.

Inspirations Marijuana Drug Abuse Treatment

Marijuana abuse is becoming more and more frequent among teens. They begin experimenting with this drug at a younger and younger age. Some start this destructive relationship as earlier as 12 years old. Marijuana goes by many names including pot, mary jane, weed and more. As teens continue to increase their drug abuse they begin to find new ways to take drugs. Just like the drug term above teens have been using the paper from other drugs to smoke marijuana.

Parents and teens may not believe marijuana is addictive but does create mental dependency. The more your teens consume marijuana the more dependent they become. Soon they are unable to even start their day with smoking.  Additionally, this dependence is a form of addiction.

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Drug and street terms you may want to know: Vega
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