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Drug and street term: Mission

To better inform everyone, we had a roundtable discussion with teens from Inspirations for Youth and Families about drug and street terms everyone may want to know. The definition below is based on collective information gathered from teens within our rehab and online research.

 drug deal mission

Mission (v.) – a term used to when a user is seeking drugs.

Inspirations Drug Abuse Treatment

Teen drug abuse is still on the rise and Inspirations fro Youth and Families is on a mission to help those affected by this disease. The Inspirations teen treatment program is a safe and positive environment where teens can come and work through their addiction. Additionally, we work together with families to great a balanced relationship that caters to long term sobriety.

Similarly, through group and individual therapy teens are able to express their emotions in a more positive and effective way. With the skills, teens can from therapy it makes the transition back into their everyday lives much easier than ever.

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Drug and street terms you may want to know: Mission
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