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Your favorite teens in rehab are back for another talent show

We took our bi-annual Inspirations Arts talent show to a new level! This very special take on the talent show was brought to you by the teens in our Inspirations Drama, Music, and Art program. Our teens played a huge part in the show, even from behind the scenes! For the first time ever we had teens plan, host and direct the entire show!

If you’ve seen our talent shows before, usually it would be led by our education department and recorded by our marketing team. However, this time around the teens got to play both major and minor roles in the production.

From the MC, director, production directors and more our teens really made this talent show their own. We are all very proud of the time and dedication they took to put together such a fantastic show.

Watch the talent show:

Inspirations Arts Talent show was made possible due to our numerous alternative therapeutic options.

Music in Addiction Therapy

The Inspirations talent show main showcase was music. Our teens in the music therapy program channeled all their emotions into creating meaningful and relevant performances. This program is one of our many helpful and most requested forms of therapy among clients.

Through these sessions with our musical instructor, Big Apple, teens are taught how to play instruments. These teens had little to no experience playing instruments much less how to use music as a coping skill. With, weeks of practice they learned and developed a unique skill they can take with them home. This session even helped to bring together three teens who now have an inseparable bond and friendship.

Art in Addiction Therapy

Likewise, our art program focuses on helping teens to express themselves through various forms of art. During the show, we took the time to highlight some of the beautiful art of the teens. Additionally, the art program allows our teens to experience self- discovery and personal empowerment. These are crucial in addiction treatment, especially for teens. Displaying their art for others to view is also another great way for them to get a sense of personal fulfillment and develops self-pride.

Drama in Addiction Therapy

The drama therapy program allows our teens to release their stress and emotions in a new and reinventive form. For a short time, they can be someone else or even show a different side of themselves. Our drama instructor, Donovan Ortega, has helped many teens find new forms of expression. Whether it is acting, comedy or dance our teens get to try many forms of expression until they find the one that works for them. Even the shy teens get a chance to participate as content creators for skits, directors, set designers and other roles.



Drama in addiction therapy at it’s best!
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