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Alcohol Awareness Month

What is Alcohol Awareness Month

Every year since 1987 the month of April is used to raise awareness to teens and adults alike about alcoholism. These efforts are to increase public knowledge as well as understanding which in turn reduces the stigma. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)  focus is to also encourage local communities to concentrate on alcoholism and alcohol related issues.

Theme of the month

The theme for April 2016 is “Talk Early, Talk Often: Parents Can Make a Difference in Teen Alcohol Use”. Their goal is to fill this month with events aimed at educating people about treatment and prevention of alcoholism especially within teens.

For the past month local NCADD affiliates along with countless community organizations will educate their communities on the important roles parents play on a teen’s choice to abuse alcohol. These organizations will host activities encouraging individuals or families to seek help for alcohol related issues.

Parents who require information about talking to their teen regarding alcohol can find workshops and gain tips from these local affiliates and events. Alcohol Awareness Month is a fun and enriching event that any family can attend. If you find it difficult to attend you can still learn and receive help from the online community. NCADD has a range of blogs and recovery aid links to guide you and your family into understanding alcoholism.

Outside these educational events community members are invited to get involved by passing on the information they’ve learned onto someone else. Whether it’s online or in person share what you’ve learned to help combat the stigma against alcoholism and its treatment.

What is Inspirations doing?

Starting today we will be dedicating a social media post about alcoholism and ways you can overcome it. We will also be doing a blog about the right age to start talking to your child about alcohol. Make sure you are ready to share and pass on this knowledge!

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