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Teen Story of Recovery – Marijuana Abuse

The Addiction

On December 22, 2008 my life changed….I awoke with Nathan in my room and I was off to Inspirations Teen Rehab. When I arrived I was sure that I was going to do my time and go back to my old addict behavior. My old lifestyle consisted of me getting high no matter what and disrespecting everybody who got in my way. I did not think anything was wrong with the way I was living,  but I knew I had acquired a serious habit with drugs.

The Inspirations’ Turning Point

The first part in my recovery at Inspirations was of course admitting I was an addict because acceptance is the first key. During my stay at Inspirations, I had my difficulties not only with authority, but also while working on myself. I didn’t want to give up marijuana because I felt like I would not be able to have fun without it. However, I have now discovered how untrue my statement was and I continue to have fun every single day without the use of drugs. While I worked hard on myself in groups and other forms of treatment I learned about important character defects I have, such as, always looking for an easy out.

The After-Recovery

In my days of using I would always want to stop and tell myself I was going to, but when the going got tough I never had the strength to finally stop. After Inspirations, now when I have a problem I look to my peers in the fellowship to help me through and give suggestions that have worked for them in the past. The support I get day in and day out is unparalleled to anything else in my life. The turning point for me in my sobriety was definitely changing the people, places and things and going to a halfway house straight from treatment and not taking any chances on going back home.

I met some very influential people who introduced me to a lifestyle that I never thought was possible. I look up to those people today and would not be in such a beautiful position without them. Also, my parents have been so supportive of me. They gave me a gift of treatment to turn my life around and I have responded. I couldn’t have done it without them and I’m grateful everyday when I wake up for this opportunity. Before I got clean I treated them with no respect and didn’t ever care about what they wanted as long as I got my way and got high. Today I have learned not to take them for granted and have realized how much they care and love me. As a recovering addict, I’m still not perfect but I’m working on it every day. I continue to go to meetings almost every day as well as working the 12-Steps which is key in recovery. While I still have bad days and things definitely do not always go my way, I have learned how to handle difficult situations and not pick up drugs no matter what situation arises in my life.

David R

David’s Story
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