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What is Dabbing?

Within the drug community a very old trend has recently resurfaced and has garnered the attention of our youth. This reemerging trend is known as Dabbing, which was a very famous method of ingesting THC. This was popular throughout the late 60’s and early 70’s.

At Inspirations for Youth and Families we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the latest trends of teen drug abuse to properly administer our premier individualized and dual diagnosis treatment program.

The Dabbing Process

This is the process of creating the “dab wax”, keep this in mind when looking for signs if your teen is abusing drugs or dabbing.

  1. Extraction

In order to create the “dab wax” used for dabbing THC must be extracted from the cannabis plant itself. To properly extract this compound the cannabis buds are placed into a pressurized vessel and heated. By heating the vessel using butane, a gas, the THC is then extracted.

    2. Forms and Concentrates

The newly extracted THC will appear to take a yellow and glass like appearance. To remove the Butane residue from the extracted THC heat is then applied and then it is cooled. The final product results in a yellow glass like substance often referred as shatter.

    3. Dabbing

Dabbing is the act of ingesting the extracted THC compounds. To do this the THC is heated in a bong like tool which transforms it into a vapor that is easily ingested.

Why is dabbing so popular?

With this techniques’ extensive history dabbing has suddenly gained a rapport with our teens due to its potency. Teens are engaging dabbing because of the strength of the high they are receiving from its vapors. People have been noted to be “dabbed out” which refers to them being sleepy or unconscious due to excess or high dosage amounts of dabs done. Another reason this trend has caught so much attention is how quick it allows a user to feel the effects. A lot of teens are switching to dabs because it allows to feel an almost instantaneous high.

Dangers of Dabbing

Dabbing can be especially dangerous because most teens are attempting to create this substance within their own homes. Without proper tools and knowledge of the compounds trying to replicate a dab of your own can lead to serious fires, burn injuries and property damage.

Dabbing the growing drug trend parents need to know about
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