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recovery month celebration

National Recovey Month

September is National Recovery Month – All over the country people will celebrate the strength and dedication it takes to journey through recovery. This month serves to remind those in recovery why they started this journey and to inform others about recovery.

This movement informs everyone that:

  • Recovery is possible for everyone and that it is an achievement that should be celebrated
  • Celebrating recovery helps to empowers those in recovery to speak up and inspire others to live a sober life
  • Speaking up and sharing experiences will also help to dispel the stigma around recovery
  • The movement also informs of the value in recovery for those on their journey and others

Inspirations Supports Recovery Month

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) will help to support and celebrate all the hard work of our clients, alumni and others in recovery! Stay tuned to see what events or activities we have planned to show our support for Recovery Month.

Coming Soon…IYF Teen Rehab supports Recovery Month
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