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If you speak to a person who believes in legalized marijuana they will tell you it has not affected the people of Colorado. But one teen, who entered Inspirations teen drug rehab can refute that claim. Matthew, a resident of Colorado, became addicted to marijuana. And he was sent to Inspirations to cure his marijuana addiction.

“I didn’t feel like I had a problem. The disease takes over your mind to the point where you don’t think you have a problem. But in all aspects you do.”

-Mathew, former teen marijuana addict.

In the state of Colorado where marijuana is legal Matthew shares how this has impacted him greatly.

“I personally smoked a bunch of weed even before it was legalized and continued to do so into the legalization.  In Colorado its going to stay that way (people smoking a lot of weed).”

When asked how does he feel about smoking weed or going back to Colorado.

“Some people in Colorado aren’t as fortunate as me. I’m getting help early in my life. Treatment helped me realize what I want to do with my life at an early stage so I don’t mess up and it becomes too late.”

-Matthew J.

Many of our teens come into treatment unwillingly but always leave grateful they got the opportunity to seek help. A lot of parents struggle with the decision to send their child away to treatment but often do so in the hopes of really helping their teen overcome their addiction.

Matthew is a very smart teen whose parents knew he had a lot of potential and decided to get him help. To his knowledge, they were coming for a family vacation, not drug rehab. Sending him away from home allowed Matt time to think about his past actions and behaviors.

“Originally I thought I was coming on vacation but prior to coming to Florida I had a serious drug problem. That problem caused me to lose relationships with my family, friends and even got me kicked out of school,” said Matthew.

During his stay here Matthew has earned a lot of achievements including the academic excellence award above. All his hard work in therapy and education while at Inspirations he was able to shine despite all the trouble he caused back home from his marijuana addiction.

Matthew has made some great progress. Both his family and Inspirations staff are proud of his recovery. We hope he continues to show this kind of positive growth in his life and achieve the goals he has planned.

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Colorado teen leaves state to treat marijuana addiction
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