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Education Director Denise Achee: Hello! So this is a happy day for you.

Chloe P: Yes, definitely!

DA: Wow, this was…you’re a returning client; you came twice to Inspirations, right? This is your second time.

CP: Yes, correct.

DA: How many days have you been here?

CP: This is my 99th day.

DA: Wow, you almost made the 100 days. You could have stayed one more day!

CP: I know. Nah, you know I’m ready to leave now [laughs].

DA: [laughs] Can you share with us a little bit what brought you to Inspirations the first time and what happened?

CP: The first time?

DA: Mm-hmm.

CP: The first time I came here just for more of like self-harm and depression and like suicide attempts. There was also like some substance abuse going on but it wasn’t really that, that bad. When I went home, everything just got a lot worse. I was home for two months and while I was there the self-harming and depression and everything got a lot worse, the same with the substance abuse. It got infinitely worse than it was before.

DA: Was there something that triggered that when you got back home?

CP: Yeah it was a lot of my family life and with my parents and stuff.

DA: Family dynamic was kind of a trigger for you?

CP: Yeah, definitely. A huge trigger.

DA: Okay and so you came back to Inspirations.

CP: Yeah.

DA: And you’ve been here for 99 days, almost 100 days.

CP: Yes. Almost.

DA: What do you feel is different this time?

CP: This time I definitely like let go of a lot of the reservations that I was holding onto. Last time I didn’t really talk about them that much. This time I actually let myself feel and really get into things and also like I got a lot of stuff out about my family and like with my parents I actually came clean about a lot of stuff about my parents. So, therefore it’s going to help my family life a lot more because I don’t have to go home back to them.

DA: Oh so you’ve decided this time…so where are you going to go live?

CP: I’m going to go live with my grandma.

DA: Okay so you’re going to be living with your grandma.

CP: Yes.

DA: And you’re going to work on your relationship with your family, I guess, in a sense or…

CP: It’s more of like I’m going to do family therapy with my mom just so like I can have closure but for the most part like everyone including the therapist and the rest of the people in my family agree that it’s like definitely the best thing if I just don’t really have anything to do with either one of my parents at the moment.

DA: Right now, until you get…

CP: Yeah.

DA: Until you see how you do on the outside.

CP: Until I’m better and until they’re healthy, because…they’re not.

DA: So they’re working on themselves as well or?

CP: No, not really but I’m hoping they’ll start.

DA: Well you’re setting an example.

CP: Yeah.

DA: Okay and hopefully they’ll see how fabulous you look and how much better you are and hopefully that will motivate them to maybe go and work on themselves because I think one of the things that parents have to understand that it’s a family dynamic and the families need to work just as hard as you work when you come to treatment. They need to do the research and work on their communication skills and themselves as well, correct?

CP: Yes, definitely.

DA: Tell me, what are you going to do when you get home? When you’re back with your grandma?

CP: I’m going to sleep for a long time. That’s the first thing I’m going to do.

DA: No more waking up at 6:30 [laughs].

CP: Nooo! [laughs].

DA: You’re looking forward to sleeping in…

CP: Yes and I’m going to go see my friends and just…

DA: What do you have planned for the summer?

CP: Kind of just hanging out with my friends a lot. I’m going to do yoga but aside from that I’m just going to be with my friends most of the summer, with my brothers.

DA: You’re still going to be doing therapy?

CP: Yes I’m going to therapy weekly. Once a week for individual and once a week for family.

DA: Oh, perfect okay so you have a plan, you made your contract. You look great and we’re so proud of what you’ve accomplished here.

CP: Thank you.

DA: Yayy! And you’re our beautiful colorful hair girl. We’re going to miss you. You bring a lot of color into the center.

CP: Yes! It’s going to be weird.

DA: Well we’re very proud of you and hope that you’ll keep in contact with us.

CP: Thank you. I definitely will.

DA: Let us know how you’re doing. We have a newsletter if you ever want to write in and you know, just write to us and we can always put that on our newsletter.

CP: Yes. I totally will.

DA: Yeah, do that because we like to hear from you and see how you’re doing.

CP: Okay.

DA: Well thank you and we’ll miss you!

CP: Thank you. I’ll miss ya’ll too.

DA: Okay, thanks.

Education Director Denise Achee
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