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“It’s the most friendly environment to get treatment in,” Jane, an Inspirations teen, said. “Everyone’s so loving and supportive here.”

Following a near-death drug overdose, the 17-year-old begged her parents for help. While at Inspirations For Youth, she reclaimed the life addiction almost stole.

Jane said her time at Inspirations For Youth allowed her to be confident in her voice. At a time when most teenagers are trying to figure themselves out, she was battling addiction and also self-identity issues.

Find out how Jane’s life has changed since coming to Inspirations

“Addiction literally takes away everything from you,” the teen said. “After coming to Inspirations,  it’s almost as though I’m born again and I’m free to be my own person now.”

During her time at rehab, Jane expressed that she enjoyed building healthy relationships with other recovering addicts. She’s interested in also meeting new drug-free friends when she returns home.

“Now, I’m able to speak to different people and enjoy life instead of doing drugs alone,” she said.

Living a sober and fun life

According to Jane, at Inspirations, she was reminded of what it meant to have fun and enjoy life, while sober.

“Whether it’s playing basketball with my friends or carving pumpkins on Halloween, there is always something to do here. It’s a friendly environment that always finds a way to lift your spirits.” Jane said.

After her time at Inspirations, she plans on achieving all of the things addiction held her back from completing. Her goals include obtaining her driver’s license, graduating high school, applying for college and just being a normal teenage girl.

“I definitely would recommend Inspirations to someone else, especially girls in my age range,” Jane said.

Jane expressed that sometimes her peers are reluctant to come to treatment because they don’t realize the severity of their addiction but once they come to Inspirations, they learn how to overcome their addictions.

“People realize they do have a problem and need to stay at Inspirations and understand why they are here.” the teen said.

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