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Inspirations have helped numerous teens overcome drug abuse and start a healthy addiction recovery journey. Every so often we have a teen who returns to give their thanks and spread their knowledge with teens who are in a place they once were. Spencer came to Inspirations with a message of hope to our teens as he shared his knowledge and gratitude to those who have helped in his journey. Among his tales, one stood out the most to our teens. He shared just how others see the positive change when you try to do the right thing. Upon getting sober Spencer started working at a local Starbucks and was astounded to see after his shift that his bike was stolen.

“I remember being really upset and in the past, this would have been an excuse to use but those around me encouraged me that maybe things would eventually work out for the best.”

– Spencer, on his bike being stolen.

Spencer returned to work the next day and was pleasantly surprised when his manager decided to give him an electric bike. The manager told Spencer that his son was also once in recovery and used this very bike to get around. Now that his son is clean he thought it would be the perfect gift for someone also starting their recovery journey. His new bike was not inexpensive. It costs $1500. According to Spencer, his managers’ act of kindness was a response and message for him to honor his commitment to do the right thing and stay clean.

Spencer’s addiction story

Spencer’s story started out like most teens. He proclaimed his life to be one of “nevers”. He swore to never smoke a cigarette or smoke marijuana but as he began middle school this idea quickly faded. Upon entering high school Spencer said he would never smokeĀ marijuana. But began using it recreationally.

Again Spencer reasoned to himself that it was okay to smoke weed but he would never get into harder drugs. To his dismay, he began experimenting with molly, coke, and acid.

“As an addict you think you’ll never do this but it happens and you don’t even realize it until you are at the worst extreme there is.”

-Spencer, former Inspirations client and teen in recovery.

How Spencer’s journey to recovery began

Spencer’s family began to notice his drastic change in behavior and decided to send him to Inspirations for Youth and Families. First, his family staged an intervention to get him there. Spencer began treatment at Inspirations when he was 17. With our help, he was able to remain clean and sober until he relapsed delving into harder more intense drugs.

During his time of relapse, Spencer was abusing meth, crack, and heroin. His list of “nevers” became shorter and shorter as he even started using needles to get high. Again, Spencer’s family intervened and sought out help. Their contacts at Inspirations referred him to The Cove Center for Recovery, our sister program specializing in treating addiction for adults.

Now at the age of eighteen, it was here that Spencer gained an understanding of just how much of an impact drugs were having on his life and future. It tore him from his family and never really seemed to solve the problems he was struggling with. Since his admission, Spencer’s has made a 360 in his life. With his new found sobriety he wanted the chance to help those who are in a position he once was and offered to speak with current Inspirations teens about taking their recovery seriously.

Spencer’s addiction recovery advice

While here Spencer talked a lot about what it means to be in addiction recovery and how his actions affected others. He’s had his share of ups and downs that made him the strong and sober individual he is today.

“I learned that what you do doesn’t just affect you. It affects your parents, your friends, and even your siblings.”

-Spencer, former Inspirations teen client.

Addiction is a very serious disease that takes control of your mind clouding your thoughts and actions. It is important during recovery to remember that your choices not only make a difference in your lives but others as well. While in treatment Spencer has also learned to stop making excuses for his addiction. Whether it’s his family history with addiction or skewed rationale, through therapy Spencer learned that such excuses were detrimental towards his recovery. These excuses were only used to cover a deeper problem he had.

Spencer teen in recovery

Spencer today clean and sober!

What is he doing now?

Spencer successfully completed residential treatment at The Cove Center for Recovery. He is currently attendingĀ Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) sessions there while staying locally at One Last Chance sober home. When he’s not at home or work Spencer attends as many meetings as he possibly can. He does this to gain an insight on how he can better his recovery and stay sober.

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