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By Cody D – A teen blogger at Inspirations for Youth and Families, writing about how to avoid a teen drug abuse relapse

Withstanding temptation at a licensed residential addiction recovery center is a daunting challenge that can be properly handled thanks to the help and support of a dedicated and professional medical and psychological staff, like the one at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab. The real struggle comes when a recovered addict has returned to their everyday life. To make the transition really smooth, those in recovery are taught tools and skills that they can use to cope with their drug and alcohol abuse temptation. Cody, a teen at Inspirations teen rehab shares his plans on how he plans to ensure sobriety even in the face of temptation when he returns home from rehab.

“I have an arsenal of coping mechanisms and crisis techniques to prevent me from ever touching another drug in my lifetime.”

Cody, Teen at Inspirations for Youth

“When I get home, I will avoid the temptation of drug abuse by using a variety of coping skills and techniques that I have learned in treatment. Drug temptation is an inevitable part of life when I return home, but now I am confident in my will power and my mental strength that I will not succumb to the urge,” said Cody.

“The first and most important technique I will use will be to remove myself from a position of drug temptation and maintain sobriety. I will be able to achieve this by using the “Walk Away” method that I learned from my primary therapist. I will also utilize breathing techniques to instill mental clarity in times of struggle,” Cody added.

“After achieving an elevated mental state as a result of my breathing, I will strengthen my resolve by remembering how I suffered after using drugs and where it had led me in life. I also plan on attending meetings in moments off need, in addition to regularly scheduled meetings on my agenda. I have an arsenal of coping mechanism and crisis techniques to prevent me from ever touching another drug in my lifetime,” Cody concluded.

We at IYF, are confident Cody will attain his goal of a life-time of sobriety.


Avoiding teen drug abuse relapse begins after rehab
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