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Addiction is not the only problem teens today have to struggle with. Many of clients enter Inspirations for seeking help for addiction. However we also offer help to teens that need behavioral therapy. Every once in a while we treat a teen who needs help managing their  behavior and emotions that has become unmanageable.

Greg is being discharged after attending our behavioral program for 44 days and is now returning home a much different person. This New Jersey native began his treatment here with severe anger issues which he displayed his very first few weeks here.

“I didn’t think a person like me could have changed so much. I was in such denial because I wasn’t a drug addict but I was still out of control.”

-Greg C.

How Behavioral Therapy helps teens

After a few weeks in behavioral therapy, getting to know his peers and surroundings our staff noticed a great change in Greg’s behavior. A once easily angered teen became more conscious and forgiving with other people. He developed patience and the ability to recognize when he is in the wrong. These changes were made possible through Greg’s hard work with his therapist during his individual, group and family therapy sessions.

“I think my individual sessions, being around people that annoyed me, frustrated me and learning how to cope with that really helped me. I learned to understand myself and my triggers helped me come this long way in making a change.”

-Greg, explaining what really helped him to change.

Greg is now able to think before he acts and consider the consequences of his rash actions.

“Before I would just punch a person and not think about the consequences. Now I think before I act. Yeah I can still punch a person but what will that get me? I can get in trouble and all this so I think now before I do.”


Even our educational director from our acclaimed online academy, Denise Achee has taken note of Greg tremendous change.

“I’ll always say that when I first saw you I could see that you had a big heart and I’m glad now that you have the opportunity to show that to other people. You have made a remarkable change!”

-Denise Achee, educational director.

Although Greg’s time here has come to an end he will be missed by the Inspirations Family. We are proud of the remarkable work he has put forth to improve himself and now has a bright future. On behalf of the Inspirations Family we wish him the best on his journey in life.

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Anger Management Teen shares how behavioral therapy helped him change
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