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Former Teen recovering from Molly Drug Addiction Speaks Out

In Part II of an Investigative Report on the drug Molly, Inspirations for Youth and Families interviews a teen who was addicted to the psychedelic, designer drug. Molly is used primarily by adolescents and young adults like college students.

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen addiction treatment center had the rare opportunity to interview one of our teens about Molly addiction and abuse. The teen, who coincidentally is named Molly, provided us with a wealth of information that will help educate families about Molly, an extremely dangerous synthetic drug that is popular among teens.

Here are the transcripts from the Molly Drug Addictionnterview:

Molly on right suffering from Molly Drug Addiction Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF): So how’d you get involved with Molly?

Molly: I had done crystal meth for a while and one time the dude I went to asked me if I wanted some Molly instead. I had never done Molly before and there are two types. The one that comes in the pill and there’s the crystal and that is what I did. It’s pinkish you know and kind of translucent color. I did it and I hadn’t stopped for a good six months after that. Now I’m here.

IYF: So you used Molly for six months. Would you say it is addictive?

Molly: A few of my friends back at home have been hooked on it for quite a long time. I feel like it’s because when you come down you feel like crap. You want to feel that happy up feeling again. So once you do that you just want to keep doing it and doing it. You never want to face the consequence of your come down.

IYF: Does it become like a maintenance thing after a while? Because you don’t feel good but you don’t feel as bad when you’re not on it. Like heroin for example.

Molly: When you come down from Molly your serotonin, dopamine, and everything is just down. It’s just very down, Molly literally just fries your brain. The overdose on Molly is literally your body temperature goes up so much that it your brain just literally boils and you die. It literally fries your dopamine and serotonins so once you come down you’re depressed and weak. Because your body has been going for a number of days and its finally trying to catch up with itself.

Teens at Inspirations for Youth Teen Molly Addiction Rehab

     Molly on the far right with other teens at Inspirations

IYF: How did you use it?

Molly: Crystallized Molly you can smoke it but it takes out the MDMA which would make it just like crystal meth and would be pointless. Crystallized Molly you can snort it and shoot it. My personal choice was to inject it. I’ve injected crystal meth and everything but literally the first time with Molly was so intense. Everyone says the first time with anything is intense but for me I overdosed twice in the same week. That was because I was chasing that first high. It was so intense and I just wanted to feel it again. It was just way overwhelming. You just want to chase that first high and that’s why people just keep doing it especially where I’m from.

IYF: Now can you tell me about your overdose? Was it life threatening?

Molly: My overdose was mild but I was sweating like a lot. I was laying there and my mom was trying to comfort me. My first overdose I was in a car. I had shot up ice (crystal meth) and Molly. I had been continuously doing it because I was more addicted to the needle and the whole process.

So I was sitting there and it was Halloween night. I remember just sweating and twitching. I couldn’t stay still. My eyes felt heavy but I wasn’t functional. I was having either a mental breakdown and physically just dying. They took my temperature it was breaking 105 and it wasn’t fun. But guess what I was doing Molly again almost a day later, still shooting up molly.

“Molly literally just fries your brain.”

According to a teen girl named Molly, with a Molly Drug Addiction

IYF: Do a lot of teens use Molly where you live?

Molly: I feel like it’s a very rare thing to find. You have to really break your neck to find some Molly dealers. Because a lot of it is fake where I’m from. You gotta taste and look at it you know. It can come in crystal form. And sometimes it comes in powder or it’s already crushed. But you know teenagers in the high school I’m from the maximum they do is Cocaine.

Teens without molly drug addiction

That’s probably where they draw the line. It goes from weed to pills and then coke. I went straight from weed to meth to molly. I dabbled a bit in some coke but it didn’t last long enough or got me high enough. Then I tried meth and it was like coke on steroids so I was like alright this is nice. Even people in high school if they do coke people find out and then people just steer away from you. A majority steer away from you so it’s probably like one in eight that dabbles in coke in my school. Then there’s me and there are probably more out there but I have yet to come across any in my high school. None of my friends are in high school. They are all between 19-22 years old.

IYF: So what is your treatment plan? How are you getting treatment for Molly?

molly drugaddiction before picture

Molly’s picture at admissions

Molly: It’s the same as compared with other drugs or some drugs. We don’t get medication to help the come down like other drugs do. Like how if you were on Heroin you’d get Suboxone, People with a molly drug addiction don’t get anything. I don’t remember the first week and a half I was here. In my admission’s picture I looked dead because I had a mild overdose at 3 a.m. the day I came here.

Then I took a Klonopin to calm me down. And then my friend had to feed me the Klonopin because I wasn’t coherent or anything. Then I took a Vyvanse in order to wake up so I could come here. But the treatment is really like any other drug treatment. You go to meetings and listen.

I was asleep probably the first five days I was here. I ate whenever I woke up then I’d go back to sleep. Anywhere we were at like the park I would sleep on a bench. But after like the second week I started working on my steps. I’m actually picking up my thirty day chip today.

After feeling better physically I started to build and build and slowly I had to learn about myself all over again. I had to learn the little things that I like because I didn’t know myself. It was like do I like to wear my hair up or wear my hair down. I didn’t even know myself at all. We go to about three meetings every week. Then therapy we go to individuals once a week and have phone calls. We have family therapy, which includes an one-hour phone call with my mom. It’s a lot about yourself and it depends on how much you want to get better and that’s how your treatment’s going to go. If you have determination to get better it will be a real learning experience at Inspirations.

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An Interview with a Teen suffering from Molly Drug Addiction
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