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Around the holidays, alcohol abounds at parties and family gatherings. We recently reported five reasons alcohol consumption spikes during the holidays.

Holiday celebrations that include alcohol can put extra stress on those battling or recovering from alcohol addiction.

Increased chances of alcohol temptation might include:

  • Being around others who might be “old drinking buddies”
  • Feelings of isolation and anxiety can increase and trigger excessive drinking
  • Being estranged from family and friends (teens of divorced parents) can lead to a sense of loneliness
  • Families with strained relationships cause underlying stress

Alcohol addiction relapse coping methods

  • A person in recovery or struggling with alcohol abuse should know ahead of time the environment they are in or about to be in
  • Avoid situations where alcohol is or maybe present
  • If avoidance isn’t an option, plan to leave early before the drinking begins or attend with others who do not drink or who are also in recovery
  • It’s always a good idea for those in recovery to talk with a member of your support group before, during and after attending an event where alcohol is present. This will insure your staying “on point” with your recovery
  • Find ways to self-manage your holiday stress by having some quiet time to reflect on self-care and your recovery plan
  • Increase the time spent with your support group or therapist during the holiday season

Holiday time is stressful enough for those without an alcohol addiction problem, but by being aware and using the coping skills you learned – perhaps at a teen alcohol rehab – can make the difference between relapse or recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery during the Holidays
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