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scotty at our treatment center

Former teen rehab client speaks to teens about his own recovery!

Inspirations teen rehab have had a lot of success in helping teens successfully overcome their addiction. Scotty came to Inspirations after years of abusing drugs and had sought out treatment on multiple occasions from other drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

“I’ve been to a lot of places for help and none of them are like Inspirations.” 


Despite his multiple relapses from other treatment centers during his stay at Inspirations Scotty is now able to maintain sobriety. While at our teen rehab facility we helped him to change his behaviors and lifestyle completely. He learned how to change unhealthy behaviors into healthy new ones and learned coping skills. Through group therapy, addiction meetings and sober fun outings, Scotty was able to learn that there was more to his life than his addiction.

“Other places keep you inside for the whole treatment. I’ve never been to a place where you go paintballing, to the beach or anything like that while in treatment!”

-Scotty R.

Since his discharge, Scotty has been staying at a local sober house and is now working to support himself and attain his future goals. He shared his story to his fellow teens give back to Inspirations and help teens, who are suffering from similar problems.

Scotty’s Recovery Story

Growing up Scotty began his drug abuse through marijuana. To impress his older friends he began smoking the drug on social occasions but it quickly became a recreational habit.His time with marijuana did not last long as his teenage years began so did his exploration of drinking and other drugs began.

By the time Scotty began high school he was drinking heavily and using marijuana on a daily basis. Once his parents saw the drastic change within their son he was brought to a treatment where he stayed a total of 3o days. Immediately upon his discharge Scotty admits he relapsed and began smoking again. Now back in school Scotty found himself with a new set of friends who introduced him to prescription drugs like oxycontin, xanex and more.

Read the rest of Scotty’s story of drug abuse and recovery here!

After other rehabs Inspirations treatment center saves teen
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