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Drug and alcohol treatment center for adults talks to teen addiction facility about the do’s and dont’s in Rehab


Teen addiction mentoring program

There are very few opportunities for a teen drug and alcohol treatment center to receive guidance from an adult rehab that is located just minutes away. This was the case for Inspirations for Youth and Families teen drug rehab who had its sister company – The Cove Center for Recovery  (an adult facility) bring in one of its own clients in recovery. And it didn’t hurt that the client spent some time initially at Inspirations.

Watch this compelling speech to the teens

So who would know better about how to get the most out of a teen addiction treatment center than someone who was not only at Inspirations, but made lots of mistakes and now understands how he could have taken advantage of his time spent there so much better.

The Inspirations alumni started the speech by talking about his drug riddled past

“As fast as that money comes in is as fast as that money goes when I was dealing drugs,” admitted the anonymous Cove client. “I was just getting to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore. Even when I tried to stop I couldn’t. So I was like mom let me go to rehab voluntarily this time.”

The benefits of the Cove’s 12-Step Program

“Ever since I have been to the Cove’ rehab I have been working this 12-step program and it is saving my life. Because where I came from I don’t know how I got so many chances. But I guess I got so many chances because I knew I was going to get it right this time. I guess god had a plan for me. Going down that drug abuse path is not worth it. With all that pleasure comes so much pain.”

Ever since I have been to rehab I have been working this 12-step program and it is saving my life.

“If you just stay sober and work the 12 step program right and get a sponsor, go to meetings, your life will be so much better. You are going to see a change like your family. You are going to be more a part of the family. You are going to care more.”

“I don’t even know you guys but I could tell you guys are a bunch of good people. If you guys really work the 12-step program correctly and take it right and do your step packets, you guys will change. You guys might look at me like I am not going to change. When I was young there was nothing you could tell me. If you guys take it seriously, you are going to like your lives much better.”

The vale of Family Conferences

“Me and my mom would have family conferences. If you are having a family conference, your parents are going to say everything you did wrong. That’s what they do. That is how parents are. If you try to sugar coat it and say no I didn’t do that mom and it wasn’t like that you are not going to get better. Just be honest with yourself.”

“You have to admit that you were powerless over the drug. You have to admit that you were powerless and unmanageable because what your parents are saying is trying to help you. You do not have to discredit that. Just agree with your parents if it is true.”

Don’t get into fights

“It’s not worth it. Be the bigger person. If you don’t get into fights it goes a long way. Not being written up also goes a long way because your therapists read the reports every single morning. They have a morning conference and go over all this stuff and you can get written up. Don’t get into arguments. Brush it off.”

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