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During addiction recovery it is very hard for some teen addicts to maintain their sobriety especially with the triggers of everyday life. Staying sober throughout drug addiction recovery is a skill all addicts must develop and requires patience and dedication. Keeping your emotions under control and stable will help make your recovery journey smoother.

Here are 4 tips to help you stay sober during addiction recovery:

Remember the downside of drugs

There will come an unavoidable point in treatment where things do not go the way want. Plans can fall through, relationships may be lost, and it could be anything that sets your stress levels off. This is a part of life and managing your emotions effectively will help you stay on the path of sobriety.

When the going gets tough and the addict in you begins to reason why just one hit will be enough recall the negatives that came with drug and alcohol addiction. This may seem impossible to do especially with a nagging voice telling you to use but remembering why the high is not worth it helps you stay focused on your goal. Instead try to find a solution to your problems or take a moment to relax and not let your problems cloud your judgment.

Step away from negativity

Putting all things negative behind you is another way to overcome an emotional relapse. Choose to stay positive and look on the bright side instead of letting your negative emotions get the better of you. When you begin to recognize you are in a negative situation to avoid becoming a conflict of interest for yourself get away from the toxic environment.

Use your coping skills

Throughout your addiction treatment your therapist has taught you various coping skills. These skills will prove useful when you begin to identify triggers. Your coping skills will allow you to deal with temptations and provide relief from the need to use.

Reward yourself

When things are going well or you manage to overcome the urge to use make sure to treat yourself! Rewarding yourself is a form of positive reinforcement. This technique will help you to establish a mental connection with making positive choices that will eventually become habits.

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