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Why Us?

Why Choose Inspirations for Youth and Families?

Individualization. Every single teen that walks through our doors is different. Putting every patient through the same steps and same program would be pointless. We make sure to get to know your loved one and consequently to know how to treat them to the best of our ability.

Kids like us! Through our group discussions and outings, teenagers learn that they can have a truly fun time without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Families like us. Our program emphasizes family therapy and involvement in the healing process. Support and love is crucial to healing teenagers.

Inspirations is also a private school. You don’t have to worry about deciding between getting your child treatment or having them go to school At Inspirations, your child will have access to our top notch computer lab and education amenities. They will have everything they need to stay on track to graduate and get ready for college. We even offer private tutoring to students who need extra help or to catch up.

Restoring Dreams, Saving Lives

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