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Dr. Pierre Pean

Medical Director (MD)

Dr. Pierre graduated from the University of Haiti and then moved to New York City to begin a decorated career. He worked at Brookdale Hospital in Abolition Child Psychiatry as a MD for internal medicine and pediatrics. After working at Rikers Island in adult psychiatry, he moved to South Florida and worked as the chief of treatment for South Beach Psychiatry. His resume doesn’t end

 there. He has experience working at Memorial inpatient Psychology and also at Broward General in the Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU). He also worked at a drug and alcohol detox (Oasis International) in Pompano Beach.

When not working at Inspirations for Youth and Familie (IYF) he owns a Cosmetic pharmacology shampoo product comprised of a natural chemical additive. Dr. Pean is a huge sports fan and follows the NFL and NBA. He also loves to travel.

Dr. Pierre Pean
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