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Denise Achee

Educational Program Director

Denise Achée is our Education Program Director and has developed and pioneered the educational program at Inspirations since its inception seven years ago. Denise works as the liaison between the parents, teens and their perspective schools. Together they work to devise an academic plan, with the intention to keep them on track academically, or get them back on track while in treatment.  Each teen’s learning style is assessed and a curriculum devised to coincide with their treatment. Denise understands the importance of one-on-one learning and strives to implement this feature in the Inspirations’ educational program.

Denise has created a program that is centered on a small class-room setting with an eight to one ratio. The program is anchored by therapeutic educators who practice one-on-one mentoring and assessment of each individuals learning style. This methodology is incorporated into the classroom. She has also played an integral part in developing a teacher-assisted, state-of-the-art virtual computer lab for on-line learning. This landmark facility has allowed teens with special needs like ADHD to thrive in this atmosphere.

For Denise, a typical day in the education department entails communicating with schools, clients and parents to create an academic plan, scheduling classes, hiring teachers, attending educational conferences, and marketing to administrators such as guidance and substance abuse counselors, as well as social workers. Inspirations’ Residential Private School program is geared for teens between the ages of 13 and 18.

Denise was educated internationally at the TASIS England Preparatory School, The American University in Paris, France and assisted the Cornell Masters Hotel Management Program in France. She is fluent in Portuguese, French, and some Spanish. Denise has been working with educators for many years. Prior to joining Inspirations, Denise was employed with a company that provided tutors for celebrities, athletes, and other luminaries’ kids that were not able to attend school. She interviewed educators and effectively matched them to each client. Denise was also a producer for PBS’ Teaching Learning Network where she produced educational programming.

Outside of Inspirations, Denise is a renaissance woman. She is a Cordon Bleu chef trained in France. She enjoys drumming, tribal dance and is an outdoor enthusiast. When people ask her where she is from she replies – the world, living in England, France, and Portugal. And – as an encore – her uncle was legendary D.J. Wolfman Jack.

Denise Achee
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