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Scott Brand, PMP

Brand has leveraged his 20+ years in the public relation’s industry to transition into the addiction recovery outreach profession. Prior to joining Inspirations for Youth and Families, he worked for high profile companies including Fortune 500 companies and corporations that sell popular consumer products.

Since joining both Inspirations for Youth and Families and the Cove Center for Recovery, Brand has played a leading role in the company’s strategic partnerships with Dr. Phil, wrestling great Kurt Angle, NBA basketball stars Michael Ray Richardson and Otis Birdsong, and the Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins.

Brand is charged with establishing relationships with other behavioral health facilities, lawyers, hospitals, doctors, therapists, community groups, and families in order to provide synergistic referral opportunities.

Brand received his bachelor of science degree at the University of Rhode Island and his Master’s Degree at St. Thomas University. He was born in New York and has lived his adult life in Miami, Florida. Some of his interests outside of his work at Inspirations and the Cove include Yoga, freelance writing, and spending time with his family. Brand is also an avid sports fan.

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