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Our Philosophy

The Teen Treatment Center with the Real World Approach

Inspirations Teen Treatment Center has been extremely successful in both treating and defeating teen addiction since its inception. Teens who complete the Inspirations’ program not only stand the greatest chance to win in their battle against addiction, but also acquire the necessary tools to maintain a sustained recovery. The teen’s parents also benefit with a positive outcome from the program as the health and well-being of their family will be restored.


Inspirations believes accountability is such an important factor in a teen’s journey to attain and maintain their sobriety and drug free life – that it is a major component behind our philosophy for treating teen addiction. At Inspirations, every teen who enters our treatment center is held accountable for his or her actions.

The Family’s Role

The teen’s family is not only the cornerstone behind the program, but the foundation that supports all of our recovery efforts. Inspirations understands the value behind rebuilding teens’ relationship with their parents. The family plays an integral role in breaking the addiction cycle and sets the tone for a complete and lasting recovery. This is precisely why we place such a high premium in parental involvement throughout the teens’ experience at Inspirations. One such example is Inspirations headline family event – Family Therapy Weekend – where family therapy workshops and a good time are provided for all the families attending. Our teen addiction treatment combines a motivational program, emphasizing, respect for the family, respect for others, and a teamwork approach towards daily goals and accomplishments. The program is designed around a positive environment to boost the teens’ self-esteem and produce long term results.

Real World Experience

But perhaps what separates Inspirations from other teen rehabs is our pioneering recreational therapy program where our teens learn how to exist in the outside world by engaging in healthy, fun and exciting day-trips. Some of the activities include deep sea fishing expeditions, museum tours, beach outings and professional football games. By taking our teens outside the proverbial “bubble”, it empowers them to be prepared for the eventual time when they will graduate from our program and reenter the real world. As one of the few teen addiction treatment facilities in the country, we believe that every teen that walks through our door has a great chance to be set on a path to complete recovery. Throughout the treatment process, we are continuously evaluating, structuring and adjusting a customized plan for each patient that specifically fits their needs and promotes a positive outcome. Inspirations’ primary focus is to restore the lives of our patients and their families. We have seen thousands of people recover when they take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and expertise. We equip all of our patients with the tools to live their lives free of substance abuse. Now it’s your turn to take your teen’s life back. Call us now.      

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