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Kristen Bergmann

As the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Inspirations for Youth and Families, Kristen wears multiple hats. She leads the accounting team and oversees the company’s financial plans, cash flow, and payables. Additionally, Kristen directs all of Inspirations operational needs. From planning with the IT department to brainstorming with the clinical staff, Kristen and her team provide support for the rest of the company to operate smoothly.

Kristen grew up as an Air Force kid moving to various places due to her father’s position as an Air Force Officer. She was born in New Jersey but has lived in Germany, Delaware, Rhode Island and Vermont. In 2003, she graduated from the University of Vermont with her Bachelor’s in Accounting. After graduating, Kristen went on to pursue a career in public accounting with a small New Jersey firm.

She then moved to South Florida and continued to work with small to mid-size companies, including publicly traded companies. Kristen specialized in preparing taxes and auditing small to mid-size corporations. She has also worked as an audit manager for larger accounting firms, such as Cherry Bekaert. In addition to her accounting prowess, Kristen is also skilled in problem solving.

When she is not at work, Kristen enjoys gardening, a hobby passed down from her grandparents, which she still partakes in to this day. She also loves gourmet cooking and playing with her rescue dog, Cyrus.

Kristen Bergmann
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