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Karen Marcella, Admissions Coordinator

Admissions Coordinator

Karen graduated with a B.S. from Bridgewater State University where she majored in psychology. She is originally from Massachusetts. Karen previously worked for one of the top three psychiatricKare Marsella hospitals in the United States in a dual-diagnosis residential program. She also served as a DBT educator. When Karen began her career at Inspirations for Youth and Families, she was Behavioral Health Technician. Karen also worked with the parents of the teens in recovery during Family Weekend and participated in trade shows. She traveled around the country assisting in teen interventions as well.

Karen was then promoted to a dual role as admissions coordinator and EHR manager. In her new capacity she gives facility tours, greets new clients and families, puts together orientations, and acts as a communication liaison between parents and teens.


Karen Marcella, Admissions Coordinator
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