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Dr. James Hughes, PhD., LMHC, CAP, CCJS


Dr. James Hughes has been directing and managing mental health and addiction programs from New Jersey to Florida for over 25 years. He is state licensed as a Mental Health Counselor. Dr. Hughes has specialized in treating dual diagnosis adolescents for over 25 years. In Florida public schools, Dr. Hughes is certified in Exceptional Student Education. In addition he is certified as an Addiction Professional (CAP), Criminal Justice Specialist, Domestic Violence Counselor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Exceptional Student Educator. He is Internationally Certified as an Addiction Counselor.

In 1983, he was certified in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. In 1985, he earned a CAC (Certified Addiction Professional certificate) in New Jersey. In 1986, he attended Dr. James Hughesintensive training in Psychodrama and Psychotherapy at the Moreno Institute in New York City. In 1987, he completed a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from New York University. In 1989, he received specialty training in Biofeedback, in New Jersey. In 1993, he completed his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in employee assistance counseling.

Dr. Hughes has been a consultant for dozens of mental health and substance abuse programs on the east coast and as far west as Texas. He has written grants through various RFP processes for both private agencies and large chain hospitals. Dr. Hughes was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show in March of 2010 “Dangerous Behaviors,” episode about a teen who was involved in “Huffing.”. He has lectured at many different universities from New Jersey to Florida in the areas of: psychology, substance abuse, education and sociology.

On a day-to-day basis he is charged with supervising all the staff therapists in various state required areas. He also provides supervision to individual therapists. Dr. Hughes conducts mental health evaluations. For the parents who have their teenagers admitted to Inspirations, he is always available to the families directly by phone or email to consult with them about their teenagers progress and discharge plan.

Dr. James Hughes, PhD., LMHC, CAP, CCJS
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