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Caron Helfner, DCSW, LCSW, MCAP

Clinical Director

Caron Helfner was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Caron has been married for over 30 years and has three children. She received her BSSW from FIU and then went on to complete her Masters Degree at Barry College. During all her college studies she raised her kids while working full time. Over the last 30 years, Caron has been working with teens and adults dealing with mental health and addiction. Caron completed her doctorate in Social work with a concentration in Family therapy. 

Caron is an approved clinical supervisor and clinical fellow licensed by the state of Florida. She also received her MCAP and became the Clinical Director at South FLA State Hospital helping 500 patients with severe mental illness. When hurricane Andrew struck South Florida she worked in a mobile crisis for over a year assisting displaced families and performing grief therapy.

She has had success working with heroin addicts and the use of medication assisted treatment combined with individual therapy.Caron has been the director of many dual diagnosis treatment centers and private practice. Her life is a journey helping others with addiction through family therapy and mindfulness of the human spirit.

Caron is a true lover of animals especially her dog and closest friend, Bella a St. Bernard. She loves all things on the water including fishing and boating. One of her favorite words to live by is that “There is always hope when you want to give up.” With this in mind, she has guided many clients to a sober life with a combination of individual and family counseling.

Caron Helfner, DCSW, LCSW, MCAP
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