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Karen Corcoran-Walsh to appear on Ask Dr. Nandi TV Show

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 Karen Corcoran-Walsh (right) featured on a previous Ask Dr. Nandi televison episode

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL September 22, 2015 – Karen Corcoran-Walsh, South Florida owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab as well as the Cove Center for Recovery adult drug rehab will be returning to Ask Dr. Nandi, a national afternoon lifestyle health television show. She will be accompanied with two of her clients from both IYF and the Cove, who will talk about the popular subjects of “flakka” and “teen vaping.”

“I am really looking forward to returning to the Ask Dr. Nandi television show,” said Corcoran-Walsh, who has taken a leading role in combating flakka drug abuse in South Florida. “The teen and adult, who both are recovering from drug abuse will shed a light on others who are fighting the same battles.”

The Ask Dr. Nandi Show will be talking about flakka, an extremely dangerous street drug that is both highly addictive and inexpensive. Flakka is terrorizing the streets of South Florida where dozens have died from the drug that is imported from China. Corcoran-Walsh will have her client, who is in treatment for flakka reveal his horrific experiences with the synthetic drug.

Corcoran-Walsh will also bring with her on the show a 17-year-old in treatment at IYF for vaping dangerous drugs. The teenager will share with the audience and viewers his addiction to vaping wax – a strong concentrate of marijuana. He will also provide details on how vaping is used among teens and how it affected his life negatively.

Corcoran-Walsh had been a guest previously on Ask Dr. Nandi with another one of her teen clients and her mom. The topic was teen addiction, where Corcoran-Walsh explained the keys to good parenting.

“The cornerstone to success in strong parenting is the power of parents to understand that they have an obligation and a responsibility to take action to save their child’s life,” said Corcorcan-Walsh, on an Ask Dr. Nandi episode.

About Ask Dr. Nandi

Ask Dr. Nandi is a medical lifestyle show of the highest quality, whose mission is to improve the health of America and the world with compassion, empathy and integrity. The show is unique in the world of television. Yes there are guests that share their stories and world class experts who share their knowledge, but it is the host that makes it so special. Every episode of the “Ask Dr. Nandi” show is a glimpse into the world of Dr. Partha Nandi. Airing on 7 networks, in 90 million homes in the US and in 79 countries, Ask Dr. Nandi is without a doubt a global success.

About Inspirations for Youth and Families

Inspirations for Youth and Families is the premier addiction teen treatment center in the nation. The company treats teens with drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders in an unique, real-world approach, where its clients are constantly engaged in day-trips to learn life-skills while maintaining daily individualistic therapy for its clients. Inspirations also has a Teen Educational Academy for its teen to continue their school work while receiving world-class drug and alcohol addiction and mental behavioral therapy. For more information contact Inspirations for Youth and Families at 888 757-6237 or visit the web site

Karen Corcoran-Walsh to appear on Ask Dr. Nandi TV Show
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