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Inspirations for Youth and Families opens new Boston outpatient facility

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL October 8, 2015 – Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) announces the opening of its Boston outpatient facility. IYF teen rehab is known for its individualized methods of treatment. IYF approaches each client differently by creating a treatment plan according to their needs. These needs are accessed by the company’s team through urinary testing, consultation services and case management. The office is located at 75 Arlington Street, Suite 500, Boston, MA, 02116.

IYF’s newest Boston outpatient facility offers community outreach, prevention, psycho education and interventions. The Boston office also provides clients with substance abuse assessments, individual and family therapy sessions This offers stands to do whatever is possible to help a client get into treatment and to also ensure that once they leave they have a support system in place to help with their needs after treatment is complete.

“We hope to reach out to those in need with our newest location by providing outpatient services and community help.” said Karan Corcoran-Walsh co-owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families. “We chose the greater Boston area after learning that a drug overdose claims a life every eight day in the South Shore of Massachusetts, which is unacceptable to us.”

Ashley Maryyanek is the Clinical Coordinator of Inspirations for Youth and Families. She grew up in the greater Boston area and is a Boston University Advanced Standing graduate. She is helping to launch IYF’s recently expanded services in a Boston satellite office that will be offering substance abuse assessments and evaluations, case management and consultation, urinalysis testing, community outreach, prevention, and intervention, as well as, outpatient individual and family therapy.

“The newest Boston outpatient facility for youth addiction treatment will provide teens in the Boston area the opportunity to receive the help and support they need to restore their lives. IYF’s goal is help the community foster sober living and become a beam of support for those in need similarly to our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida location,” added Corcoran-Walsh.

About Inspirations for Youth and Families

Inspirations for Youth and Families is the premier addiction teen treatment center in the nation. The company treats teens with drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders in a unique, real-world approach, where its clients are constantly engaged in day-trips to learn life-skills while maintaining daily individualistic therapy for its clients. Inspirations also has a Teen Educational Academy for its teen to continue their school work while receiving world-class drug and alcohol addiction and mental behavioral therapy. For more information contact Inspirations for Youth and Families at (888) 757-6237 FREE or visit the web site

The Inspirations Boston Office Phone number is (774) 243-2027 and the Fax number is (857) 241-3601.

Inspirations for Youth and Families opens new Boston outpatient facility
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