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8 Slogans for Teens to Live by

Dr. Randall Green, PHD, LMFT, CAP, is not only an octogenarian (80-years-old); he is also 34-years sober. He recently stopped by Inspirations to offer those in our teens in recovery slogans to live by that can change their life in a positive way.

Here are a few slogans to think about:

Live one day at a time 

Do you know today is the only day there is. Yesterday is gone. Can you get back to yesterday?  Can you change anything that happened yesterday? And yet we talk about yesterday all the time.”

“If I only I had bought that stock when it was just one dollar. Yesterday is a cancelled check. Now what about tomorrow? Tomorrow isn’t here yet. Tomorrow is a promissory note. It might or might not come. So the only time to consider is right now.”

“Yesterday s a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Stay in the now.”

 “So stay in the now. Stay in this moment. Right now many of you are thinking about things a week in the future. Ask yourself everyday where am I today. It may help to look down at your feet just to reinforce where you are and to stay grounded.”

Give time, time

“You see we rush through life and try to make that traffic go faster than it is going on the highway. If there is a line of cars in front of you what are you going to do,”

“I say give time, time. The only other alternative is to get all bent out of shape and start cursing and waving your hands. But you may as well take a deep breath and give time, time.”

“And give yourself time to get better. Teens today are so impatient. We want recovery now because we are addicts. We want are family to forgive us and take us back in and forget about the past and celebrate the fact that we have been sober for one month.”

“Learn to be patient with yourself and your family members who need more time to deal with your drug and or alcohol addiction and to accept and forgive you.”


 Upon conclusion of the presentation, Randall was overjoyed to learn that it would be published on the Inspirations for Youth & Families YouTube channel. His happiness would prove to be bitter-sweet since Randall’s wife is suffering from ACL or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease and she has lost her ability to speak. But she could sure listen.

Here’s a shout out to Randall’s wife for bravely fighting ACL and we hope she enjoys her husband’s phenomenal speech to the kids.

8 Slogans for Teens to Live by
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