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Teen Rehab at Rockers in Recovery Concert

Inspirations for Youth and Families Teen Rehab attended the Rockers in Recovery (RIR) concert to raise money for people who can not afford to be treated for addiction recovery. It was the 4th Annual RIR Fest.  The RIR Music Festival was a huge success with almost 2500 attendees. The event took place on Valentines Day- from 12 pm – 10:00 pm. It was entitled the  “LOVE OF RECOVERY” MUSIC & ART FESTIVAL. It was a private event for ALL people in recovery, loved ones of addicts seeking help and all other supporters,family, and friends of the recovery movement.

Don’t worry parents – The teen boys and girls didn’t stay out all night. They were at the concert for four hours enjoying the music, beautiful weather, and scenic park. Perhaps one of the highlights was the girls having fun with the Selfie Stick for the iPhone. All in all it was a great night for the premier Teen Rehab.

Watch the Rockers in Recovery Video with Inspirations Teen Rehab


Teen Rehab at Rockers in Recovery Concert
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