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IYF teen rehab channels their inner Jay-Z

Teen rehab enjoys sober outing at a recording studio

As a part of our music therapy and sober outings , Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab took the teens to enjoy a session at the renowned Debonaire Recording Studio in Ft. Lauderdale.

Teen rehab clients were able to enjoy a tour of the recording studio and were given a quick synopsis of the tools used and operated by an audio engineer as well as a description of the profession. They were also informed of the benefits of having an outlet such as music in their lives as a positive form of expression. Teens were also given the opportunity to let their talents shine, those who were brave enough were able to experience what it would feel like to record a real music track!

Talented teen in rehab uses mom as inspiration for a rap song

Brandon is one our teens who had the opportunity to visit Debonair Recording studio. This activity to support sober fun and music therapy gave Brandon and the other teens the chance to learn the “ins” and “outs” of how to create a music track in a real life studio environment.

For Brandon this was his first time being so involved in the process of making music and he has learned a lot. For the track he created Brandon drew inspiration from the events of his life and his aspiration to make his mother happy. He describes the song as something he poured his heart into and is the result of all his hard work at Inspirations.

Watch our interview with the talented himself on his experience at Inspirations and the time he spent at Debonair Recording Studio.

Debonaire Recording Studio

debonaire recording studio and teen rehab
Debonaire Recording Studio is an affordable and modern recording studio located right here in Fort Lauderdale. Debonaire is known for providing major label quality recording, mixing and mastering to it’s local artists and clients.

The chief engineer at DRS has a graduate degree in audio recording, bringing both creative and technical skills together to create the masterpiece you want. Some of their top clients include Hard Rock Casino, Motown Records, Atlantic Records and VP Records.

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IYF teen rehab channels their inner Jay-Z
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