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IYF Teen Rehab Attends 2nd Miami Marlins Baseball Game

Inspirations for Youth & Families (IYF) teens attended another baseball game courtesy of the Miami Marlins generous donation. The teens once again had a great time and had an opportunity to learn important life skills that will be sure to help them in their recovery process.

Some life skill highlights outside of the game involved:

One teen thanking the photographer for taking photos

Another teen offering a staff member to share his popcorn

Teen girls asking staff to join them in photos

One teen being warned not to throw popcorn

These seemingly uneventful actions are all important cogs in the wheel of recovery for each and every teen. It is this very reason IYF is unique among teen rehabs in taking it teens in recovery on day-trips like baseball games. When it is time for a teen to return to his or her home environment, they will not be overwhelmed and will learn about etiquette, personal interactions with their peers and adults, and consequences for their actions.

IYF Teen Rehab Attends 2nd Miami Marlins Baseball Game
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