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Introducing Dr.Love!

On June 18th Inspirations for Youth and Families had guest speaker George Xavier Love aka Dr.Love teach his world famous class to teens about Qigong as well as an Intro to Drumming.

Dr.Love is a well known doctor of oriental medicine who teaches health and spirituality. He heals his clients using qigong’s breathing, meditation and exercise techniques. Although he is known for his acupuncture skills, George is a recognized healer in many communities.

He has studied with shamans from Morocco and Togo utilizing his skills in rhythmic healing percussion to trance. From them he learned how to elicit information from the patients’ energy field and how to draw healing energy directly from nature.

Dr.Love’s visit to Inspiration for Youth and Families

Dr.Love introduced drumming techniques such as playing together on “the one” to our teens. He explained that playing on the one means listening to each other’s tempo and despite the different rhythms played by each teen. Using this drumming technique allows the drums to sound uniform because they are in unison and on the tempo.

The teens were also able to try an array of drums and even the cowbell! Dr.Love then led the teens into qigong stretching. He instructed the teens through the proper moves that led into the Qigong Dance.

His Qigong dance is meant to get your heart open and pumping which will release a natural flow of endorphins into the brain. After demonstrating the qigong dance Dr.Love closed his session with explaining to teens the importance of opening up to others and working together. His closing message to our teens was “Teamwork comes from listening to each other. “

Watch his class here

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Introducing Dr.Love!
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