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Inspirations talks about teen drug abuse at Charter School

The Inspirations for Youth and Family teen rehab road show stopped at North University High School, a charter school for teens and young adults who are looking for a more personalized educational experience. The students who enroll at North University are having difficulty finishing high school and falling behind in credits. Joe Brat, one of the premier interventionists in the nation, who works with Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF), gave a powerful speech about his past drug abuse when he suffered from opiate addiction. The theme of his speech was to serve as a cautionary tale about the perils of teen drug abuse.

His speech went so well that Henny Cristobol, the North University High School principal, asked Brat to stay to give an encore performance to other students at the academy. Denise Achee, the IYF director of education also attended the presentation. One of the highlights of the speech involved an exchange between Brat and Cristobol about “What is Brat’s biggest reward from helping teens?” Brat responded by saying:

“When someone hugs me and says thank you for saving my life, there is no money in the world that can match what I feel when I hear those words.”

Joe Brat, legendary teen interventionist

Below is a live video broadcast of the event:


Inspirations talks about teen drug abuse at Charter School
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