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Efrat Cohen, private investigator discusses internet dangers

Efrat Cohen
Efrat Cohen is an esteemed private investigator who spoke about the pros and cons of using the Internet including social media to an intentive audience of teens from Inspirations for Youth and Families.

Efrat Cohen, is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, a State Licensed Private Investigator (L.P.I) in Florida, as well as in New Jersey and New York. Efrat is responsible for managing, controlling and directing surveillance operations. Her attributes as a female investigator has resulted in immense success – she goes where her male investigators fear to do so!

Your unique online fingerprint

Efrat compared internet use to our unique finger prints. All our online activity such as posts, likes, reblogs and etc. are our unique fingerprints on the web. It leads a trail that can be traced back to us, even if it has been “deleted”.

Efrat talked about how easy background check information can be found by simply entering your name or address online. She also explained that the majority of her investigative profile information has been acquired from online presence and habits.

She also discusses the dangers that lurk online such as sexual predators. Efrat even showed an example of an adult interacting with a minor in a harmful manner on Facebook and the repercussions that he faced by engaging in this communication. She gave tips to stay safe from predators and how to identify one.

When your online and real life cross paths

Efrat then explained the detriments that social media now plays in significant life moments such as getting a job, applying for college to name a few. There is even an example of how even those who seem the “smartest” can make mistakes online and how much they impact your life.

Watch the video of her presentation here!

Efrat Cohen, private investigator discusses internet dangers
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