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Karen Corcoran Walsh

Co-Owner & Co-Founder

Karen is a renowned South Florida substance abuse treatment professional and owner/co-founder of Inspirations for Youth and Family, one of the most prominent teen addiction treatment centers in the nation. She has provided a valuable service to children and adults across the nation who have been afflicted with addiction in various forms.

Karen is considered a subject matter expert in addiction therapy and her acclaim led to an appearance on Dr. Phil’s TV show in 2010 – speaking on the topic of adolescent substance abuse and addiction. She holds a Master of Science degree from the School of Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University.

Karen has worked with children of all ages in education for eighteen years from pre-school, elementary-school, junior-high, and high-school. She was also a marriage and family therapist in a private practice setting and the primary adult addiction treatment therapist for several years. Karen opened her first addiction treatment center for young adults in 2002. Her facility excelled in the areas of mental health, addiction treatment, and court ordered rehabilitation.

It was at this time when Karen began to recognize the need for an adolescent rehabilitation program, after receiving numerous calls from desperate and devastated parents seeking treatment for their teens suffering from addiction. With very few adolescent treatment centers to refer parents to, Karen took it upon herself to respond to the needs of her community by opening Inspirations for Youth and Families, LLC in 2008. Karen chose the name “Inspirations” to represent her vision for parents and teens who were struggling with the chaos of teen behaviors and substance use.

Karen has designed a program that reflects the needs of parents and teens, a program unsurpassed by other adolescent treatment programs and a program unlike any other rehabilitation center in the United States. Inspirations was developed to integrate behavior, substance use and abuse, mental health treatment, and family therapy as the focal points of teen treatment. Karen made sure to incorporate each teen’s daily routines, such as homework and house chores into the curriculum to provide them with the much needed stability. Karen revolutionized the teen treatment industry by having the foresight to include an “On-Site” junior high and high school academy within the facility.

Karen’s vision and approach for treating teen addiction involves a heavy dose of family therapy throughout the life of the program to resolve conflicts, find solutions, and rebuild the teen/parent family structure. Daily recreational activities are used as a therapeutic tool, providing an opportunity for teens to apply the appropriate coping and decision making skills they acquire in their individual and group therapy. Teens are also tasked with daily responsibilities to not only improve their self-esteem but teach them to be accountable for their actions.

Besides Karen’s stint on the Dr. Phil Show, she has been a fixture on a host of other television programs and radio shows focused on teen behavior and substance abuse including “Teen Talk” produced by Becon Television.

As the mother of three children, Karen has applied her nurturing skills to good use in not only her business of treating teens, but serving as a leading advocate on a myriad of teen issues in her community. Karen is a member in good standing with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and the American Psychotherapy Association (APA). She is also an active member in the Boca Raton, Florida Chambers of Commerce.

Karen Walsh
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