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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I know that Inspirations is a reputable teen addiction treatment program?


Inspirations is the premier teen treatment program, licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse Program Office. We have successfully provided inpatient addiction and rehabilitation services for thousands of teens since 2008. See what others are saying about Inspirations on our testimonials page.

Can I bring food to my teen when visiting?


Unfortunately, no food is permitted to be left for teens in treatment at Inspirations.


Why choose Inspirations for Youth?


At Inspirations, you will receive:


Will I be seen by doctors and therapists?


Inspirations has an excellent team made up of medical doctors, psychiatrists, nurses and therapists, offering you one of the most competitive staff-to-patient ratio for teen treatment centers.  You will be cared for by registered nurses, recovery counselors and  technicians who have been there and can help you with every step of the way.


Do you treat co-existing disorders?


Inspirations is a treatment center that routinely cares for people who have the disease of addiction, in addition to other mental behavioral disorders and medical illnesses. We have the ability to handle most disorders along the spectrum of addictions through our dual diagnosis therapy.


Will I receive care that is specific to my specific needs?


Yes, Inspirations created highly individualized programs designed to cater to the specific issues faced by teens in today’s society including mental health issues, such as cutting, bipolar disorder and any other condition that accompanies teen alcohol and drug addiction.


What can't I bring to Inspirations?


Obviously alcohol or drugs, but also products with alcohol contained in it like perfume, mouthwash, body washes, etc. No weapons including knives and guns. Computers, tablets and cell phones are also not permitted. Provocative attire as well as shirts that promote drug or alcohol use.


What about Razors?


You can only bring an electric razor. Regular razors are not permitted.


What kind of private insurance do you accept?


We accept most leading private insurance as well as private pay.


My teen may not graduate high school due to poor decision making. Do you have a school program?


Inspirations Academic Program provides teens in our residential drug, alcohol and behavioral treatment center the opportunity to continue their high school academics and keep on track or get back on track while in treatment. Inspirations acts as the liaison between the school and client to develop an academic plan to ensure academic success.


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