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Inspirations Internship Program

inspirations internship

Inspirations for Youth and Families is always actively looking for career oriented professionals seeking internships.

In the following Inspirations Career Internship Opportunities:

  • Behavioral Technician
  • Master’s Level Certified Addiction Professional (MCAP)
  • Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)
  • Social Work
  • Mental Health
  • Marriage and Family Counseling

The Inspirations internship program offers career seekers a field of study with real-world experience on the inner workings of a teen drug and alcohol treatment center.

“Similary to Ghandi’s be the change you wish to see philosophy I believe through this internship we can help shape the future of our industry! Our interns learn a lot when working here. They get a glimpse of what work in the field is like. All the ups, downs and exactly how we apply what we learned in school. I’m honored to play a part in helping to educate our future professionals who will set the standard of work in the future.”

-Karen Daniels, Inspirations Clinical Director

Our program’s interns have come from a variety of local and national universities including  Barry University, Nova Southeastern (NSU), Southern California University and Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

About the Inspirations Internship Program

Facility: Inspirations for Youth and Families
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Population Age: 13-17
Semesters: Springs, Summer, Winter, Fall

Students of the Inspirations internship program can expect to use the theories learned in school. These will also be applied in treatment for teens of all backgrounds, and abilities. All interns will work closely with our clinical department to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide productive behavioral/mental health therapeutic services. Interns will also gain experience serving as clinicians and technician all while learning the appropriate know-how within the  mental and behavioral health field.

Interns receive full training and assistance in therapeutic/clinical operations. All interns can expect to begin by shadowing our experienced and licensed staff during individual and group therapy sessions. Students will also undergo a supervision session where they are accessed and given feedback on their performance for the work week. Karen Daniels, head of the Clinical Department also processes the quarterly assessments for each intern notifying them of their overall growth. This internship program is located at our Fort Lauderdale drug and alcohol treatment facility.


  • Must be attending an accredited school or university
  • A minimum of 10 hours weekly is required for this internship

Those who successfully complete this internship will gain crucial experience in the mental and behavioral health field. Additionally, these students are also eligible for employment via Inspirations for Youth and Families.

To apply contact:

Karen Daniels
Clinical Director

Linda Diaz
Human Resources Director

Inspirations Internship Program
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