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Admissions to Inspirations’ Teen Addiction Treatment Center

Getting Started

To start the enrollment process at Inspirations’ Teen Treatment Center please contact our Admissions Coordinator, toll free at: (888) 979-0637 or send an e-mail to: Our coordinator will pre-qualify the student to make sure that he or she fits the criteria for the program. The Admissions Coordinator will also answer any questions you may have regarding our programs for teen addiction treatment. You can also Contact our 24 hour Teen Help Hotline at (888) 979-0637 as well.

As part of the Inspirations Teen Treatment Center, we offer an Educational Program that promotes both academic and behavioral success – allowing the teenager to thrive in a structured, safe environment away from negative influences from their present school or social environment.

Express Admission Check-in

Admissions to our teen addiction treatment center and “On-Site” Preparatory format school program can be performed in less than one-day, while other treatment center admissions may take at least a few days or as long as several weeks depending on the issues surrounding the teen and family. Inspirations’ Admissions process is flexible.

We will work with you to suit your needs based on personal preference. We know that some people prefer a later admission date to coincide with their personal schedule. Our teen counselor will discuss admission dates once the admission process has begun.

If you are having difficulty accessing the forms below, you can download the Adobe Reader©.  And if you continue to have difficulty contact us and we will be happy to email you the requisite forms.

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