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A Story from Our Founders

Inspirations for Youth and Families is a nationally recognized Lead Teen Rehabilitation Facility. If you have a teen aged 13-18 struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness or behavioral issues, we are here to help.

When your loved one comes to Inspirations, we make sure to focus on all important aspects of their development, using a real-world treatment approach. This includes therapy, academics and family involvement. When your child leaves our Residential Rehabilitation Center, they will have the skills necessary to reach their full potential academically and personally. They will also have the ability to accept personal accountability and to make healthy decisions, so they can stay where they belong, with you. Want to make sure Inspirations is the right choice for your family? Download the Parent’s Guide for finding the right Teen Rehab for you.

Real World Approach

Inspirations differ from other treatment centers in the sense that the teens are never secluded when they enroll in our program. A key element to the success of the program is allowing teens to take part in wholesome and entertaining activities. Inspirations’ teens go to concerts, museums, movies, beaches, and professional sports events, helping them to associate fun with sobriety. When it’s time to enter the real world, teens from Inspirations are much more likely to adjust than teens isolated in a closed-facility environment.

Many other teen treatment programs are rooted in outdated methods rather than these newer and more innovative approaches. At Inspirations, we pride ourselves in our tried and true industry-leading behavioral treatment programs, including Dual-Diagnosis, Cognitive-Behavioral Development, Recreational, Music, Art, Spiritual and Trauma Therapy, and also our nationally renowned Teen Intervention Program, which was featured on the Dr. Phil television show.

A recent review from one of our teen’s parents illustrates Inspirations’ exemplary teen treatment service:

“My first and only experience with a rehab place was Inspirations for Youth and Families, where I sent my teen. I was pleasantly surprised. They were more interested in helping than in profits.

The staff was friendly, accommodating and helpful with insurance also. I appreciated the fact that the sexes are separated. There was also monthly family weekends, and weekly family therapy and weekly family outings. The kids progress in levels and support each other.”

-Mark Wilkinson, who gave Inspirations a Google Places Five-star review.


Therapy – The Inspirations Team

For all treatment needs and levels of care, we employ experienced, Master’s level education staff. Our team is made up of qualified and caring teen addiction treatment professionals. That is why we are able to offer highly individualized programs for adolescents/teens who struggling with destructive behaviors.



Teenage years are a critical time in a person’s education. This is when students are finishing high school and preparing for college or their career placement. Falling behind on this would be detrimental to an individual’s healing process. That is why we have worked hard to perfect our onsite Educational Program, so your student can maintain their academic standings or catch up, if their addiction has caused them to fall behind. Many of our patients have graduated high school, prepared college applications, and returned to their high schools better off than when they left.


Residential Rehabilitation Component

Our residential treatment program is designed to set your loved up for success. We provide short and long-term care for teens between the ages of 13 and 18. The teens who come to Inspirations are trying to overcome their abuse of drugs or alcohol. Their goal while in the program is to learn living skills, so they can return home ready to communicate and contribute in the household. In order to make their time easier in the program, our patients live in gender-specific, dorm-like areas where they have access to staff 24 hours a day, with a ratio of 4 staff members to 1 teen.

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