About Us

(Inspirations for Youth and Families)

Inspirations for Youth and Families, also known as, Inspirations Teen Rehab, is a nationally recognized, licensed residential treatment center for teens, ages 13 to 18 and their families, who are struggling with teen drug and alcohol addiction as well as other accompanying mental behavioral issues.

Inspirations Teen Treatment Center focuses on all aspects of teen behavior stressing academics, therapy and family involvement in its treatment approach. In designing our teen addiction treatment programs, emphasis has been heavily placed on helping our teens and families to acquire and adapt the necessary life skills to reach their personal and academic objectives. In addition, Inspirations helps teens gain the insight and ability to accept accountability for their choices and actions, and learn how to make healthful decisions.

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The Inspirations Team

For all treatment needs and levels of care, Inspirations employs an experienced Master’s level educated team of qualified and caring teen addiction treatment professionals, offering highly individualized programs for adolescents/teens who demonstrate destructive, rebellious and defiant behaviors resulting in personal and family dysfunction.

Inspirations Educational Program

It is no hidden secret that the teenage years are the most critical academically for the preparation of high school graduation, college acceptance and/or technical training for career placement. Since teens in rehab often are already struggling in school, Inspirations has tailored an “on-site” preparatory format school program for teenagers. This allows teens enrolled in our addiction treatment center to maintain high school credits as well as gain a pathway to graduation.

Residential Rehabilitation Component

Inspirations’ gender specific residential treatment program provides both short and long-term care for teens between the ages of 13 and 18, who are using or abusing drugs or alcohol and creating havoc in their family. The residential rehab program emphasizes teaching teens living skills. Inspirations’ dorm-like setting accommodates 50 boys and girls at one time, where there is an intimate four-to-one ratio of teens to staff on a 24-hour basis. Teens are required to demonstrate responsibility by handling most of the supervised housekeeping chores which include: taking out the trash and making beds.

Real World Approach

Inspirations differ from other treatment centers in the sense that the teens are never secluded when they enroll in our program. A key element to the success of the program is to ensure that the teens are involved in wholesome and entertaining activities. Inspirations’ teens go to concerts, museums, movies and beaches, and even attend professional sports events – so they associate fun with sobriety. When it’s time to enter the real world, teens from Inspirations are much more likely to adjust than teens isolated in a closed-facility environment.

While most teen treatment programs are rooted in outdated methods rather than newer and more innovative approaches, Inspirations prides itself in its tried and true industry-leading behavioral treatment programs including Dual-Diagnosis, Cognitive-Behavioral Development, Recreational, Music, Art and Trauma Therapy, as well as its nationally renowned Teen Intervention Program, which was featured on the Dr. Phil television show.

Perhaps, a recent review from one of our teen’s parents best illustrates Inspirations’ exemplary teen treatment service:

“My first and only experience with a rehab place was Inspirations for Youth and Families where I sent my teen. I was pleasantly surprised. They were more interested in helping than in profits.

The staff was friendly, accommodating and helpful with insurance also. I appreciated the fact that the sexes are separated. There was also a monthly family weekends, and weekly family therapy and weekly family outings. The kids progress in levels and support each other.”

-Mark Wilkinson, who gave Inspirations a Google Places Five-star review.