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At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehab and teen alcohol rehab, our evidence-based treatment services have a proven track record of helping teens recover from not only drug and alcohol addiction, but also address the root causes of the problem with our highly effective and individualized co-occurring disorders therapy. IYF prides itself in having a very intimate client to therapist ratio. This allows our teens in recovery to receive the attention required to address their various challenges.

Clinical DirectorThe IYF approach to recovery from chemical dependency provides highly responsive, compassionate programs to meet the unique physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs of each client. IYF focuses on effectively delivering innovative treatment and treating our clients with respect, care and dignity. Our brand signifies our commitment to help our clients find new direction and strength on their road to recovery.

Our mission is simple:

“To assist our clients in successfully transforming their lives from one of addiction to a life of continuous sobriety.”

This mission is achieved through unique treatment modalities, individualized treatment plans, a graduated residential level of care, exceptional staff and a strong aftercare program.

IYF teen treatment is not limited to just a clinical environment. The teens are on the go every day, either venturing out to the beach, fishing trips, professional sports games, yoga, 12-step meetings as well as having the opportunity to continue to practice their specific religion by attending community religious institutions. If the teens are not going on field trips – highly esteemed public speakers – like Guinness Book World record holders – are visiting them to teach them how to manage a successful and sustainable life of recovery.

IYF identifies alcoholism and drug dependency as a primary, progressive, chronic, and potentially fatal disease, which is centered in the brain, and frequently compounded by various personal and environmental factors. The disease is characterized by generally predictable stages that threaten to destroy the entire fabric of the teen’s family system.

So what does all this mean to your teen and family? Well most importantly it means your teen is in the right place! And that we have the resources necessary to help your child learn how to break the cycle of an addictive life.

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