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Teen in substance abuse recovery
Reflecting on one’s past actions is a great way to identify what is necessary to create change and also an important part of moving forward. Although most people believe in order to move on you must forget about the past that is not always true. In order to prevent similar events or activities from happening in the future it is important to remember where you went wrong and why, so you don’t make the same mistake again. A teen in our substance abuse recovery program has written about what he has realized after analyzing his past and also what he plans to do going forward to ensure he continues a sober life.

“I’ve changed a lot since I’ve been here. I’ve realized if I continue popping pills that I can overdose like I did last time. I want to be close with my family and I realized when I was using my relationship with them was getting worse and worse.”

“I’m going to save up money and get a car so I can have a good form of transportation. I’m going to change my friends and have better influences. I’m going to do a lot more fishing also. I’ve been too strung out on drugs to even go. I’m going to try and help my other friends but, if I can’t then I can’t.”

– Amado, teen in Inspirations for Youth and families substance abuse recovery program.

A teen in substance abuse recovery reflects on past
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