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A different view on drug addiction

teen girl thinking about drug addiction

By Guest Blogger Deborah Devillers

I have done a lot of research about drug addiction especially among the youth. I learned that lots of teens do drugs as a result of many external factors such as the stress, pressure, and insecurities that are part of being a teen and the desire of some to escape from these problems by doing drugs.

Debroah Devillers writes about drug addiction

Deborah Devillers, Guest Blogger

As a teenager myself and from my personal experience, I understand first-hand how dreadful the teen years can be when you feel insecure and lonely in the crowd and think your only recourse is to try and escape one of the two-ways. Either by staying busy and entertaining yourself by playing or sport or going to the movies so you don’t have time to think or going down the road of drug addiction to self-medicate your abject feelings.

I never used drugs but understand why teens fall into this trap

I may have never used drugs in my life, yet I feel linked to many of the thoughts teens struggling with addiction have to deal with in their life. I think about those times I wanted to escape and forget my pain, so bad. And those thoughts would creep in that I was thinking of doing anything to relieve the agony. The way I handled it was escaping through fiction by binge-watching up to eight movies per day for a long time. I guess you can say that is a form of addiction too.

Movies and television glamorize drug use

The one thing that I learned from watching all these movies and TV shows is that I’m truly annoyed and angry at how poorly drugs and alcohol are depicted in the cinema and television, as those cool things that erase shyness and make teens instantly popular and cool.

I decided to take matters in my own hands and I’m currently writing a screen-play about drug addiction among the youth.

The eventual product – a movie – will touch on the triggers of teen drug abuse like:
• The desire to be accepted with your peers
• The academic pressure in school
• The anxiety caused by relationships
• The future we all live in which makes a teen anxious to say the least
• Dealing with those suffocating thoughts a teen can’t get out of their mind
• And trying to bring clarity in a world that does not make sense

The movie will also attempt to distinguish the difference between a recreational teen drug user and an addict. I was able to learn a lot about teen addiction by reading the Inspirations for Youth and Families recovery stories and testimonials. These stories gave me hope that there is a way to recover from the clutches of drug addiction.

The reality of overcoming teen addiction

But overcoming addiction is no walk in the park as many people think. It is not only hard work but sometimes a teen is “dealt with a bad hand.” I think about that father who, after discovering his teen smoked cannabis, called him a ‘criminal’ and yelled at him without having a civil discussion.

You are not alone

A teen may be alone physically or internally, but outside there are people who deeply care and understand their solitude because they share the same feelings too. They are going through the trials and tribulations of being a teen as well. And just knowing there are others in the same boat as you can be therapeutic.

You may not want to share your feelings with someone else that understands your plight. That’s fine. You don’t have to now. There are other ways to find an outlet. You can surf the Internet and read countless stories about teen’s downfalls, recoveries, and experiences, to inspire you and to give you hope.

About the author

Deborah is an 18-years-old French student living in Paris, who describes herself as a meticulous observer of human’s behavior – a mind explorer if you will. She likes to observe how people deal with their overwhelming feelings at such a young age.

A non drug user’s perspective on drug addiction
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