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At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehab, our only interest is the client’s best interest. We are completely vested in our clients because our people in recovery deserve it and the disease frankly demands it. If we ask our clients to give sobriety all they’ve got, you better be sure we want to do the same for them in return. At IYF, there is nothing that we ask of anyone who enters our facility that we do not serve as a role model ourselves.

Recovering from addiction is an extremely difficult lifestyle change to say the least. It’s all about abandoning old habits and starting an exciting new chapter in your life. At IYF, we know, because many in our team have been there and conquered their addiction. We’ve walked miles in your shoes and we understand and greatly respect the person you are. We know the path leading you to this point, and we greatly appreciate that you chose us to walk beside you on this journey to recovery.

The IYF experience is about more than giving up the drink or the drug. It’s about experiencing an exciting new way of life where so many new doors of hope and opportunity can be opened for you. IYF is always pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo with clinical innovation. We maximize your potential in order to assist our clients in reaching our mission of continuous sobriety by focusing on what we can do, not what we can’t do.

The IYF experience is all about self exploration and discovering your deepest passions. It’s about uncovering the natural and not man-made highs of life, growing as a complete person, and developing into who you truly were meant to be. And The IYF Experience is only possible because of our culture and tried and true system for curing addiction. We bring in a passionate staff that loves what they do and teaches healthy examples of positive life skills. Our number one resource is or people. Our team of professionals believe in honesty, integrity, and trust. Our clients deserve this. So we answered the call, this is what we bring to the table.

As soon as you walk through the IYF doors, you will immediately feel the energy, compassion and zeal of the IYF Experience. Our mantra at IYF is to teach people in recovery to enjoy life again, while being sober. We are ready to show you how to begin a new life of your own.


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