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80 percent of people who use heroin report having first misused prescription opioids.

heroin and prescription opioids abuse

Prescription opioids, heroin and teen drug abuse

Heroin is a highly addictive mind-altering substance. It is also classified as an opioid drug. Opioids are drugs that are chemically similar to endorphins, which the body naturally makes to relieve pain. Some of the drugs in this class include codeine, oxycodone, and vicodin. Lately, there has been a sharp increase of overdoses of all ages from heroin, including teens. This all stems from the similar high those who have abused prescription opioids get when using heroin.

To teens suffering from opiate addiction, the best course of treatment stands with a well-established facility such as Inspirations for Youth and Families. Unlike other teen treatment centers, Inspirations offers help for teens through a wide variety of therapeutic options. As well, they provide around the clock supervision even at their sober fun outings.¬†Activities like these help teens to realize they can enjoy life without the influence of harmful drugs. Inspirations doesn’t just treat a teens’ addiction, they help teen clients to rebuild their life in a healthier and positive one.

Source: NIDAforTeens

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